Makeup Photo Shoot with Angie Webb Photography

Makeup Photo Shoot with Angie Webb Photography

We had the honor of being photographed by Angie Webb; the results are stunning!

When planning your photo shoots, focusing on one product or one collection of cosmetics can yield some amazing results!

This shoot features our Bronzer Formula, Tinted Brow Wax Formula, Lipstick Formula, Concealer Formula, and Foundation Formula.

Check out our photos as you create your own photo shoot lists!

Beauty Product Photo Shoot with Lauren Liz Photography

Beauty Product Photo Shoot with Lauren Liz Photography

When you're ready to start marketing your Makeup brand, a pro photo shoot takes the look of your collection up at least 10 notches!

Check out some of the photos from our pro shoot done by Lauren Liz Photography.  Create your own photo shoot list and get your marketing efforts off the ground!

DIY Your own Beauty Labels

You can DIY your own beauty labels like a Pro!

If you're a beauty brand startup and/or you already produce your own small-scale cosmetics collection, you can INSTANTLY elevate your brand with amazing product labels.

But how do you go about doing this without spending thousands on graphic design?  We admit, an amazing Graphics Pro is absolutely necessary and invaluable, however, you may want to experiment with concepts before taking up the precious design time of a Professional.

Our DIY Beauty Labels Guidebook will have you transforming the look of your brand into an IG phenom in a fraction of the time it normally takes!

How do you know if Cosmetics Manufacturing is right for you?

How do you know if Cosmetics Manufacturing is right for you? 

This is a very good question!

Cosmetics Manufacturing is profession that uses principals in chemistry & math to transform raw materials into beautiful mixtures for face & body.  Makeup gives humanity a tool for full expression as well as an additional barrier for protection from the environment.

This is a quite a responsibility; and as we are on a mission to increase bench strength in Cosmetics Manufacturing, we do our best to inform would-be candidates all we can about what they're getting into.

You can get our paperback book NATURAL COSMETICS MANUFACTURING; How do I know if I want to be a Cosmetics Manufacturer? and examine the ins and outs for yourself.


 Visit our website at to get a FREE BRONZER FORMULA!

This Bronzer Formula only uses 2 ingredients but the Glow you get from it is ASTRONOMICAL!

Thinking about maybe starting a career in Cosmetic Manufacturing?  Use this formula and see how you fare with all the 'processes' required to manufacture high quality makeup on a small scale!

LIP GLOSS PRO : Launch a Lip Gloss Collection


This is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to create a collection of vegan Lip Glosses!

LIP GLOSS PRO provides a proven Lip Gloss Base Formula and at 8 pigment formulas for you to blend!

For $120, you'll get step by step how-to instructions to make a collection professional Lip Glosses.

So what's the catch?  You'll have to PRACTICE.  Even when you have the detailed instructions and guidance from our ASK A QUESTION page on our website [] you'll have to practice to perfect your products.

Give yourself an initial 'check' by purchasing Lab Samples from our website to compare texture, color, wear, and branding.

Soon, you'll be blending your own colors & bases and innovating in the makeup space for your dedicated loyal fans; you're improving their quality of life!

NAIL POLISH PRO : Launch a Cosmetics Brand with a Pre-Made Base


Nail Polish Pro Visual Guidebook is a straightforward way to launch a cosmetics brand, and frankly, an inexpensive way to find out if you really want to manufacture your own makeup collection!

Producing cosmetics requires commitment and an associated risk; nail polish is a 'fun' product to manufacture when you're using a pre-made Base.

Get acquainted with various pigments and how they interact with cosmetic Bases.

And you can effectively test out your sales collateral and niche market to ensure other products will sell and yield all the benefits you deserve from transforming raw materials into usable beauty products.

Buy nail polishes from our Makeup Lab Sample Store and compare attributes like texture, color, coverage, and graphics.

Grab the Guidebook [$30 for the paperback & Kindle!] and get going!

Launch a Couture Makeup Brand with easy DIY Dirty Beauty Guidebooks

Why launch a Couture Makeup Brand?

Manufacturing a small collection of high performance cosmetics in the US can be very lucrative.  The global beauty industry is over $500 BILLION annually and growing.

Just a niche line of Nail Polish can yield ongoing six figure sales, a great start for a entrepreneurial beauty business!

So what's beauty secret?  Well, it's Selling and producing amazing beauty products from raw materials.

Manufacturing cosmetics allows the entrepreneur to develop unique formulas and serve solutions to her niche market swiftly and with innovation at the forefront.

Producing couture cosmetics requires practice, practice, and more practice.  Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices and the ins and outs of pigment formulating takes years of experimenting.

Dirty Beauty Visual Guidebooks can save your decades of trial & error along with tens of thousands of dollars.

Knowing exactly where to procure the best pigments, how to mix them, and blending proven natural cosmetic Bases can give you a foundation that builds a phenomenal makeup brand from the ground up.

What are the benefits of using Dirty Beauty Visual Guidebooks as a tool to mentor production efforts?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Dirty Beauty Guidebooks are filled with up close pictures that shows you exactly what to do to produce your makeup.  These images are *almost* like have a Lab Coach right by your side as you blend your makeup.

 Done for you written SOPs.

Each time you purchase a paperback or electronic Pro Guidebook, you instantly have a new edition to your technical library.

Training Curriculum at your fingertips.

Dirty Beauty Visual Guidebooks serve as Training Manuals for your Production Team; you can dramatically increase your production yields with written manuals for your Techs to use!

You can as Questions.

Use your website as an interface to answer questions you have to increase innovation in your formulas.  Click on our page titled ASK A QUESTION to get started!

Access to proven Base formulas.

Makeup formula require years of testing to be effective.  Our Guidebooks provide information to Bases you can easily purchase online and some Guidebooks provide Base formulas you can start with then adjust on your own.

You can purchase Lab Standards to gauge your progress.

Our website [] has a Makeup Lab Sample Store that provides access to small batch cosmetics like the many featured in our Guidebooks.  You can Color Match your Lab Samples with our Lab Standards and verify your understanding & execution of the manufacturing steps.

Small investment, MASSIVE GAINS.

You can make as much money as you want with the knowledge you leverage from our Guidebooks.  The information provided in our publications have been diligently worked through and perfected for more than 30 years and counting.  We have priced our Guidebooks in a way that makes them available for anyone and everyone that is willing to practice and perfect the skill involved in manufacturing high performance cosmetics.

Get a Job.

You can create your own Job.  Career.  Enterprise.  EMPIRE!  The sky's no limit, with the right commitment, marketing, branding, sales, and dedication to providing cosmetic solutions to humanity, you can achieve everything you can dream up!

You can keep innovating.

Utilize our Color Swatch Formulas to continue to add amazing color cosmetics to your brand offerings.

Get your Guidebooks and get Started!

Guidebooks are available on our website at and on Amazon at

Startup Lab Supplies are available at



Fall in love with this easy self-care-goals mani and you can rock a summer & fall look at the same time!

Neon is perfect and bright for sunshine-y days and neon orange + green are giving pumpkin vibes!

Even if you love the Nail Salon or visit a Day Spa on repeat, some DIY in between appointments can be just what the Nail Tech ordered!

Follow the steps and your pro-style manicure will be Instagram ready!

Start with clean & dry hands. Sometimes we go to a Nail Salon for a fresh mani sans the Polish. We get hand pampering and pro treatment and all the spa style bells and whistles.

If you need to do some light shaping, now's the perfect time!

Next, a hand-soak with fresh sea salt and flower filled essences & a few luxe petals. Swish your hard-working hands in warm water and savor the moments of bliss.

Add more silk AND shine to your beautiful skin by massaging them with a natural exfoliating gentle Scrub. Take your time with this and concentrate on each nail and all your fingers from knuckles to wrists and beyond! Rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat!

Dry your hands and swipe them with a cotton pad soaked with a little health & beauty 'rubbing alcohol' if you have some. Then apply 1 thin coat of Clear Polish as a Base. Naturally, we use Dirty Beauty Clear Quartz! Dry completely. PRO TIP : Dirty Beauty Nail Lacquers dry fast!

Grab your Neon Orange Nail Lacquer and apply 2 thin coats. Dry completely between each coat. Maybe catch a favorite episode or 2 of your goto Netflix reel!

Get out your Neon Green Polish and your Nail Art Dotting tool! Add Neon Green dots in a pattern you wish, perfect for beginners & the not-so-crafty!

Let your Neon Green Dots dry all the way (what a great excuse to do nothing right?!!?) and apply 1 thin coat of Clear Polish again. Perfection is on the way!

Snatch your favorite velvety hand & body butter and slather it on like you can't get enough!

The glazed icing on the cake is and ABUNDANCE of bronzer saturating your skin from fingertips to forearms to shoulders and beyond! You're shining inside and out!

Get our Visual Guidebooks for DIY Beauty Formulas PLUS info you need to launch your own Makeup Manufacturing EMPIRE!

The Global Cosmetics Industry is a whopping $500 billion dollars annually and growing! If you love makeup & you love making stuff then Cosmetic Science and Cosmetic Manufacturing just may be for you! We have FREE & low cost resources for you to research your options and launch your Manufacturing company from the ground up! Visit us at for more!

Visit Get paperback Manufacturing Visual Guides from

September LIVE Q&A

Live Q&A with Dress for Success Twin Cities.  Real table talk about careers in Cosmetics Manufacturing!

10 Pros & Cons of launching a beauty brand with Nail Polish

Everybody loves Nail Polish.

Young & mature alike, nail salons are always crowded with fans that want to adorn their favorite colors.
Almost every spa party or DIY Girls/Guys Night In features some kind of mani/pedi with a myriad of pigment, cotton puffs, buffers, and bling for nail art to come alive.

Manufacturing your own cosmetics brand is an endeavor that requires years of commitment & excellence.

Here are the Pros & Cons (mainly Pros though!) of launching a Nail Polish Collection from a pre-made Base.

1. It's lower risk
Nail Polish has a lower risk of causing skin irritations

2. It's got a low start up cost
A few ingredients and a set of bottles & brushes is all you need

3. You can see if this is something you really want to do
There are basic steps involved, although necessary, to create a beautiful line. It's an easy way to find out if you like the processes involved enough to complete/supervise the tasks day after day.

4. It's small
16 ounces of finished product can yield up to 30 bottles of polish and more; you can double & triple this amount in a small amount of time and be ready to sell in a snap.

5. You get to experiment with basic pigments
Color cosmetics involves working with powder pigment and that can be messy. Well, it's messy! You can give it a try to confirm color cosmetics manufacturing is right for you. You get to experiment with blending, and if you want, you'll be better equipped for manufacturing other color cosmetics!

6. You can test your niche
Do you have a loyal following that will consistently purchase color cosmetics from your collection? Nail Polish manufacturing is a low-cost way to find out.

7. There are fumes
Nail Polish has fumes so Nail Polish Manufacturing has more fumes. There are fans & filters to help out, but adequate ventilation is an absolute must.
You are responsible for the health & safety of your staff and this must be considered constantly.

8. It costs extra to ship
Nail Polish is 'flammable' and can only be shipped via ground transportation (in the USA, that includes only the 48 contiguous states, assuming you live in one of the included 48)

9. Everybody loves Nail Polish
Pretty much. If you have a niche market, you can have an amazing brand with JUST NAIL POLISH!

10. It's so fun
We think so. It's kind of relaxing. Mixing & pouring vibrant fluids and lining them up on a shelf. We're obsessed!

Dress for Success Atlanta x Dirty Beauty Skincare team-up!

What an amazing walk-in closet!  We had a blast visiting the luxe private dressing rooms at Dress for Success Atlanta!

Dress for Success outfits women from head to toe with business suits, shoes, handbags and accessories to prepare them in style for corporate interviews and job placement.  How awesome is that!

Dress for Success Atlanta

This non-profit provides a complete set of corporate work attire after they get the job of their dreams!

And they have a plethora of workshops and classes of relating to on-trend skills and data to assist candidates in securing sustainable employment to give them charge of their earning potential now and in the future resulting in financial independence for themselves and their loved ones.

We at Dirty Beauty love this so much that we're participating by donating natural beauty products and natural makeup for women entering and re-entering the workforce through Dress for Success Atlanta, what a treat for us to be able to be a part of this phenomena!

Please visit their website for full details on types of donations they accept, I was informed that they thrive on new & gently used business suits, shoes, purses, accessories and more!

Join us in generating the 'power that comes from being beautiful inside and out!'  -- Cassie VanDyke @ Dress for Success

Flowers ain't always bloomin'

That’s me at Donna Maria’s #IndieBusinessBrunch this weekend.  It was revolutionary!

Totally organic, it was scheduled to be a 2-hour chat & brunch and it turned into an epic 6-hour feast of over 100 years of collective business & entrepreneurial legacy!

Sometimes I do not usually attend ‘networking’ type gatherings because I ‘feel’ I would have little to contribute.  But brunch?  Of course!

There’s difficulty of embracing a time span to reflect on what gains are being realized when there is so much on the to-do list.  Nevertheless, this collection of seasoned go-getters initiated an outpouring of some things I’ve come to know for sure.

About career paths.  And entrepreneurship.  About thriving.

Flowers ain’t always bloomin’

I look for analogies in things, particularly in farming & agriculture.

One of the things I love about our name, Dirty Beauty, is that what is seemingly opposite is actually the same sometimes.

Dirt, or soil, is the catalyst for the beautiful flowers we behold, the delicious healthy foods we eat, the nutrient dense padding for landscapes we enjoy.

The Potter’s hands get dirty molding epic works of clay, the Artist’s smock, the Chef’s apron, the Farmer’s coveralls, the Beautician’s gloves, the Builder’s construction site.  They all get dirty en route to beautiful work.

As Entrepreneurs, as purpose-seekers, as change-agents, it’s easy to be affected by the range of climate we can experience on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis.  Seeking beautiful results but getting dirty.

My experience-sharing at our super-Brunch is really about the reality of Beauty.

Beauty is stage-dependent.

We often refer to a baby as beautiful, a toddler as cute, a teen as pretty, twenty-something as gorgeous, that forty-ish is glamorous, that 90’s+ is stunning.

All of these stages ‘look’ very different.  But the beauty is about the magic that is happening at the steps in the cycle.

Like a flower.

As a seed, the flower is invisible to above ground life.  Just one step forward from an idea.  It’s a plan.  It’s small.  It’s dependent on the surrounding soil to help stabilize it and feed its growth.  The network of earthworms are providing aeration.  

The sun is providing warmth and the rain, water.  It’s dark and lonely-feeling but not alone.  There’s beauty in this stage 1.  A purity.  

The flower must remain resolute.  And embrace the elements pounding on its existence knowing it’s necessary for its thriving.

This is plan-in-action time!  Pushing through the ground upward!  Finally seeing some results for its diligence and tenacity!  Being seen above ground and seeing above ground.  Progress!  

This stage has beauty too!  Green condensed leaves contrasting against the richness of the earth-colored soil!

More growth.  Stems provide structure to the flower.  And stability.  And a system for continued nourishment to the impending bloom!  

There’s still sun & rain & a vital connection to the earth here.  

Still under the environment of the elements, yet able to stand firm and grow.  A tall proud upright posture, success is near and certain!

This is the stage that we speak of when we think of a flower.  It’s majestic.  

By this stage, the flower knows it’s unique and shows its uniqueness proudly.  It’s unapologetic.  It’s loud, quietly.  Its form is perfect authentically.  

It doesn’t mind being commonly connected to the network of the earth and its others.  It thrives on this network!  

It knows that sun and rain and wind makes it stronger and more vibrant!  It loves routine too and knows patterns of activity are part of the process to greatness!  

It sees other forms and stands with them!

Here’s the beauty we speak of.  The perfume, the color.  It now partners with the wind to carry its scent to bees for pollination.  To share with the world what it has learned about its journey ‘til now.  

Its colors are bold at every hue.  Vibrant to be seen.  Proud of its withstanding while still being rained upon.  

Still enduring the scorch of the sun.  It holds the rainwater and showcases sunlight on its petals.  Giving respect to the process elements responsible for its being and holding them in high esteem.  It attracts what it needs by being authentic and bold and big and saying ‘I’M HERE!’  

It makes itself visible and creates a field of others over a span of many seasons.  An infinite number.  An abundance of beauty that gives the earth song!

Dirty Beauty Interview : Focus Atlanta CW 69 with Keisha Lancelin! February 10, 2019

Thank you to the stunning Keisha Lancelin for interviewing us on Focus Atlanta CW69!  We talked about natural beauty and STEM Beauty Camp!

We'd love for you to follow the link to check out our Interview, it was SO MUCH FUN!

Focus Atlanta February 10, 2019

The STEM Hangar & Dirty Beauty STEM Camp Beauty Camp in Downtown Woodstock!


We’re SOARING!  We’re flying high with THE STEM HANGAR in Downtown Woodstock & offering our STEM Beauty Camps in their amazing Science Lab!  

The STEM Hangar is a multi-faceted creative tech learning center for students in grades K-8!  

They have a Maker’s Space, an Art Studio and of course a Flight Simulator, 3D Virtual Reality, Robotics and more!  

We super excited to join their inventive curriculum and circle the globe with the love of STEM!

Visit their website at to sign up your students for fun + success in tech!

Georgia Farm to Table to Spa with Trefoil Gardens and Dirty Beauty Skincare

What is Farm to Spa?  It's Farm to Table with Lunch at the Spa!
Farm to Spa is visiting a local farm for fresh greens for salads that help our complexions look radiant!  It's delicious garden goodness.  It's self-care.  It's grounding.  It's fresh loofah that is just picked and soft and springy and beautiful and gritty.

It's aromatherapy by gently touching a growing bunch of bushy lavender.

It's kind Farmers.  It's Trefoil Gardens in Woodstock, Georgia.  It's Melanie -- a real farm-Babe -- that shares her delightful Zinnias with us to brighten up our bitter green salads.
It's Community Farmer & Urban Gardener, Rob, making an on-the-spot bouquet of garlic chives for our braised root crops look like a work of art and teaching us the beautiful science behind the richness of his garden soil...

It's Adderson's Fresh Produce local honey -- that is out of this world delicious -- to craft a 2-minute dressing that glistens on our lunch.
It's the softest most aromatic cilantro.

It's beauty from the inside outward.

It's sunshine.

It's hibiscus bursting with Vitamin C.

It's luxury.  It's down to earth.  It's minimal.  It's maximum.

It's all the things!

It's Farm to Table with Lunch at the Spa!

7 easy multitasking ways to boost beauty + wellness at the same time


A cool glass of chilled spring water provides many benefits for health and beauty.  Water regulates our temperature, eliminates toxins, keeps us hydrated, lubricates joints and so much more. 

It’s vital to our existence of course and essential to a clear smooth complexion.  Drinking the necessary amount of water everyday carries skin beautifying nutrients everywhere they are needed to keep skin supple and well hydrated.  

Even using water with skincare products to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize our skin is essential topically as well.


Vitamin C is a nutrient our bodies require every day to function at its best.  Vitamin C is an antioxidant so it helps prevent free radical damage. 

Foods rich in vitamin C include sweet peppers, oranges, kiwi fruit, broccoli, and strawberries.  There are many delicious sources of this necessary nutrient.

Eating food rich in vitamin C helps make collagen in our skin which makes helps keep our faces smooth and firm.


We love coffee and tea is our new BFF.  Tea is also rich in healthy antioxidants that help us live our best every day.  Antioxidants in tea and also from juicing fresh produce supplies our skin with beauty boosting antioxidants.

Drinking herbal teas is also an amazing way to drink more water.  It’s good iced during the summer and warm during the cooler months.

Sipping tea is a way to wind down and relax.  Green tea and Black tea have levels of caffeine that also help keep us a little more focused when needed.


Vitamin A is another antioxidant and it’s important for good vision, cell functions, immune system health, bone growth and more.  Enjoying foods rich in vitamin A helps keep our skin clear and smooth.

Foods rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, broccoli, and mangos.  And there are many many more!


Relaxing is good for us and essential to wellness, great news! 

Relaxing minimizes the formation of fine lines on the face and keeps our skin from practicing wrinkles.  

Getting a massage, taking a yoga class, leisure travel and other wellness activities can help us enjoy each day and look great while doing it.


Exercising and meditating feed a positive attitude that results in a pleasing countenance.  And of course it keeps us fit, strong, flexible and alert.

Find a type you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle and doc’s orders.  Exercising keeps our bodies, which includes our faces, fit and lifted.


Sleeping in adequate amounts helps our skin can replenish itself.  Clearer healthy looking skin is just a few winks away.

R & R can help us improve our mood, think more clearly, and be ready for full productive and enjoyable days upon days!

Makeup Photo Shoot with Angie Webb Photography

Makeup Photo Shoot with Angie Webb Photography We had the honor of being photographed by Angie Webb; the results are stunning! When planning...